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Certec Consulting Inc

Quality Reliability Service

Certec Consulting, Inc. is a dynamic and fast growing enterprise with offices in Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, and Mumbai, India. Our mission is to become a strategic partner with our clients for providing efficient and cost-effective innovative solutions, emphasizing the maximum usage of existing infrastructure such as hardware and software, thereby minimizing the requirement of new investment. We are known for our ability to provide skilled consulting resources, customized recruiting and placement solutions. We are known for consistently delivering the right candidate in the quickest possible time. And we have been successful because we not only work on identifying your skill-set requirements but also understanding your corporate culture and then look for talented candidates that will match those needs.

We recognize the fact that our clients are constantly in need of people with specialized technical skills to get the job done right and take proactive measures to ensure that we can meet your demand for highly skilled technical professionals with the right skills in the quickest possible turnaround time. Because we specialize in specific areas, we have extensive contacts and connections with the people who work in those areas. The team at Certec is constantly recruiting and pre-screening individuals by conducting interviews, reference checks, and testing in advance. What this means for our clients is a large inventory of potential candidates ready to join them at minimum notice.

We believe in going that extra mile to serve our clients better. We understand that you need someone who has the technical ability to get the job done but who is also someone you can count on to take your business as seriously as you do. We conduct extensive research to ensure that we select software engineers who not only suit the quality requirements but will also be in sync with the work culture of our esteemed clients.

To ensure our clients benefit from the latest and the best on the technology front Certec has entered into formal alliances with IBM, Tivoli, Citrix and Lotus Corporation. This gives us access to a vast knowledge base and furnishes us with advance information about new product developments and upcoming technological advancements.

Certec helps clients save time by handling the entire recruiting, screening, placement, and even the staffing management process. We save you money with our comprehensive approach and our proven methodologies that streamline the process and reduce costs.

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